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Summit Speakers(2010)
Pwint Hpoo

Pwint Hpoo 
B.D.S., M.Sc.

Prof. Pwint Hpoo is currently the Vice President of Myanmar Dental Association. He has served as house surgeon for one year in various dental clinical departments. From 1972 to 1980, he joined College of Dental Medicine as clinical demonstrator. He served in Periodontology Department, Oral Surgery department, and Conservative Dentistry Department in 1982. In 1999, He promoted to be Professor and Head of department of Conservative Dentistry.  In 1984, he elected as Executive committee member of Myanmar Dental Association and had served in various subcommittee of Myanmar Dental Association as Joint Treasurer. And later as Chairman of Information sub -committee and Chairman of Academic sub- committee. In 2000-2008, he was chosen as Chief Editor of Myanmar Dental Associate Journal.

Topic´╝ÜDental Public Health Education in Myanmar

Abstract: Myanmar is a member of ASEAN since 1997. College of Dental Medicine affiliated to the Institute of Medicine I was first established in Yangon in 1964.The curriculum used then was adopted from the British Dental schools as the College was opened under the Colombo Plan Aid. The College of Dental Medicine was upgraded to the Institute level in 1976.The Institute of Dental Medicine was further upgraded to University level in 1998 and a New University of Dental Medicine was established the same year.
In order to have community oriented dental surgeons, College of Dental Medicine Yangon started teaching preventive and community dentistry to fourth and fifth year dental students since 1967. Students were sent to townships and villages to get experience in dental survey methods and dental health education exposures. WHO survey methods were taught to the students before they go on field trips.
Preventive and community dentistry department taught dental public health not only to Dental students but also to undergraduate medical students, health assistants and nurses and also M.Med.Sc (P.H) students. Now the University is accepting M.D.Sc (P.H) students and Dr.Dent.Sc (P.H) students will be accepted in the near future.
Department of Health started introducing Primary Oral Health Care Project in collaboration with the World Health Organization since 1992.This project has been covered in over 120 townships all over Myanmar. In addition affordable Fluoridated toothpaste program as well as Fluoride mapping is being initiated by dental health personals from the department of Health. Myanmar has no national oral health survey as yet therefore Myanmar Dental Association and Myanmar Health department jointly sponsored a pathfinder oral health survey since 2006.
During World Oral Health year 1994, Myanmar Health department issued a magazine dedicated to World Oral Day, 7th April, 1994.  Myanmar dental association (Central) and branch associations celebrated world oral health day.
Myanmar Dental Association is a member of Federation Dental International, Asian Pacific Dental Federation and International Association of Dental Research. Every year Myanmar Dental Association jointly sponsored by FDI holds annual conferences in Yangon in January. Japanese association for cooperation of oral health supported our national path finder survey being carried out at the present. We would like to cooperate with the China Dental Association, China Dental University and Dental Associations and Universities of ASEAN.